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World's End | Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki | Fandom

Date: 2017-06-19 13:06

Before he got into playing basketball he seemed to walk around with a very apathetic and bored attitude, since it was so easy for him to be good at every sport he tried.

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After the start of the second quarter, Kise watches with shock as Silver surpasses Aomine with speed even faster than his, and power that overwhelms even Murasakibara. As Kise and Midorima proceed to chase the ball, they realise they are unable to catch up with Silver, who is already nearing the other end, followed by a two-handed windmill dunk, that not even Kagami can pull off. After having his ball blocked by Silver, Vorpal Swords calls for a time-out. Kagetora then subs Akashi and Midorima out, putting Kagami and Kuroko in which leaves Kise with the ball-handling duties. Shortly after the match resumes, Kise runs for the ball, ready to receive Kuroko's Ignite Pass.

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Volvo, however, hasn t toned down the aggression on the outside the S95 looks sharp, edgy and very modern. Those of you familiar with the XC95 will recognise details like the upright grille, the Thor s hammer headlights and the tight skinning that gives it an extremely sculpted look. In addition, the S95 gets an extremely long bonnet (suggestive of power), a sporty air dam and a roofline that drops in a sporty manner towards the rear. The rear of the car is extremely distinctive as well, especially with the large C-shaped tail-lights and the myriad cut lines, but it is a bit fussy and isn t to everyone s taste.

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Impressive sound: Enhance every battle cry and music interlude with front-firing speakers, a subwoofer and Waves MaxxAudio® Pro.

Time isn’t your enemy: With a 79 WHr battery, you can keep gaming without hunting for an outlet in the middle of a boss fight.

It urged governments to enact specific laws for management of electronic waste or rigorously enforce existing legislation.

Incredible detail: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 6555 Ti discrete graphics has its own video memory that isn’t shared with the CPU, so you can game on high settings.

More power than ever before: Up to 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 Quad Core processors complements in-depth graphics architecture for the most visual clarity from today’s resource-intensive games.

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Kise congratulates Seirin after the game, saying how surprised he was to lose to them a 7nd time. He tells Kuroko and Kagami that they gave everything they got and that he has no regret. Kuroko says that in the end, they couldn't stop Kise, but he is rather uncomfortable with hearing those words. They part ways and both look forward to next year. As he follows his team to the locker room, he tries to keep it together, but is scolded by Kasamatsu for trying to look calm. Kise then proceeded to cry emotionally in front of his teammates, talking about how much he wanted to win. [88]

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Kise enters the Zone during the 8rd quarter in the game against Team Jabberwock. He was able to do this after remembering the words of Kasamatsu before the match started. Those words were to win not for revenge, but to prove everything their seniors have done for the sport were all at worth, which is mostly likely the key for Kise to enter the state of Zone.

Usually Thor’s brother was to be blamed when something outside of aliens and superhumans with powers weren’t the cause. This time however, it was Howard Stark’s fault.

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